SWS Golf story begins with Sean W. Saunders relentless pursuit of helping golfers perform their best on the course. He decided to specialize in golf performance because he was tired of seeing too many of his past clients not reach their potential. He knew it was not just their golf swing but their lack of skills and body compensations that were the source of their problems. This is why he started studying the body and swing connection as well as how to use the ground effectively.  He also built a team of professionals to help his clients really see improvement in the entirety of their golf game and life. Sean is dedicated to his own personal performance and growth by continually learning new and improved methods of teaching, coaching, and training.  

Sean W. Saunders
BodiTrak Certified
PGA (Professional Golfer’s Association) Member
TPI Fitness Professional Level 3 Certified
ACE (American Council on Exercise) Certified Personal Trainer


Clients who have followed the SWS Golf Performance model:

All Great Lakes Valley Conference Player - Drury University

All State Honors & State Qualifiers - New Covenant Academy & Greenwood Laboratory School

Top Players on Girls Teams - Republic & Ozark High Schools

Missouri Golf Association Senior Men's Amateur Tournament - 3rd Place Finish

Deer Lake Golf Club Champion

Online Articles written by Sean W. Saunders




SWS Golf Performance

SWS Golf Performance has partnered with the top professionals in Southwest Missouri to fulfill his approach to a holistic platform to develop the complete golfer. The team that he has assembled is centered around the idea of everyone working together to fix the issues that keep golfers from reaching their potential. 

Ryan Fisher, Owner, GRIPS Golf, LLC

Golf Equipment Specialist with TRACKMAN
Certified Repair Technician / Club Fitter
Mizuno Golf Top 100 Club Fitter 

Dr. Marshall Reed - D.C. Owner, Ultimate Health & Rehab

Ultimate Health & Rehab is a Chiropractic Clinic
Licensed Chiropractor & ART (Active Release Technique) Certified